Rudolph the red nose reindeer

1. How much are each cupcake/cake?

We do not have standard charges/price list. 

Each order is quoted individually as each order is customized according to what you want.

2. What is the lead time to order?

Preferable 1 - 2 weeks. For big orders, as early as possible to give us enough time to plan and prepare

3. What designs do we have?

Most of the designs we have done are all up on the blog. Use them as an inspiration for your order!

4. How can I keep the sugar art decor?

The figures and decor are made of sugar therefore keep them away from heat.  Best is to keep them in room temperature :) Do not store the sugar art piecess in the fridge because condensation will happen when you take them out from the fridge - hence it will sweat and melt.


The sugar art piecess if kept in cool room temperature (not the fridge) or best in air condition room will fully harden after a week or 2 and they can be kept like clay decoration pieces. 

They will not attract insects/rodents if they are dry & clean. 

5. Can the sugar art decor be eaten?

It is sugar and yes it can be eaten. These sugar paste (aka fondant) is made out of sugar, vinegar and marshmallows

6. How to contact?

We prefer to liaise through email for the initial part of ordering. Also, when we are working on orders, we need full focus and will not be able to answer calls in between. 

7. Where to collect the orders?

Collection point is @ Sugar, Straits Quay

8. Is delivery available?

It is available within Penang but charges applies

9. Are the cakes halal?

We do not have halal certificate but we only use halal certified products

10. How many kilo(kg) are the cakes?

We do not sell our cakes by weight but instead by how many servings.